Proxoid is a ProxyServer on Android. It allow users of not rooted phones to use their phone’s internet access from a computer.

Important :

There is an option to activate on your phone.

Be sure to follow instructions on
Installation page

How it work It is based on a possibility offered by Google’s sdk : it is possible to forward requests from your computer to your phone. In this case, they will be forwarded to Proxoid who will transmit them to Internet and give you the answer.

Why not thetering ? Thetering on Android is wonderful but, it needs to be root on the phone wich is rarely the case. Also, by using a proxy it will be possible to filter request and replies (change headers, add caching, remove adds, …).

Installation See
this page

Features For now, not so much :

  • proxying (of course !)
  • user-agent filtering : you can choose to let, remove or modify your browser’s user agent.

To be added

  • caching and ad removal to speed up browsing
  • statistics to know how you use your data plan
  • may be parental control …

Edit: finally, I don’t thing I’ll have the time to add anything more.

May be statistics, but I’m really not sure.


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